Under the concept of “make the safest, most environment-friendly and energy saving cars”, Geely powertrain core technology aims at promoting energy efficiency by adopting turbocharging & GDI technology and implementing downsizing and down speeding strategy & optimizing internal combustion technology. Research and development of hybrid technology for the possible transformation in future automobile power.


1.3T is a 1.3L turbo gasoline engine and the first of Geely Auto’s new engines to be awarded the “China Heart” top 10 engine award. Adopting advanced technologies, this small, efficient engine puts out the same power output as a 1.8L naturally aspirated unit with 98KW of power and 185Nm of torque. This powerful little engine is used in Geely Auto’s 3rd generation models, the Emgrand GL and Emgrand GS.


The 1.8TD is a 1.8L turbocharged direct injection engine and Geely Auto’s flagship engine. This engine was awarded the “China Heart” top 10 engine award twice for its first and second-generation models. This highly efficient engine meets the CN/Euro-6 emission standards and puts out 135KW of power with 300Nm of torque. It is used in Geely Auto’s flagship 3rd generation models, the Emgrand GT and X7 Sport.


The 1.0TD is a new super-efficient 1.0L three-cylinder turbocharged direct injection engine. Made with the A0 class in mind, this small engine is extremely light, powerful for its class, highly fuel-efficient, and meets strict CN/Euro-6 emission standards. It puts out 100KW of power with 205Nm of torque. It will be used to power the next generation of A0 and A00 class models from Geely Auto.


The 1.4T is a 1.4L inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine. It was developed by Geely Auto to meet stringent CN/Euro-6 emission standards and push the limits on improved fuel economy.


The 1.5TD is a 1.5L turbocharged direct injection engine jointly developed by Geely Auto and Volvo Cars to become the leading engine in the industry. It’s compatible with hybrid powertrains and made to fit in the world-class compact modular architecture CMA also co-developed by Geely Auto and Volvo. This highly efficient engine meets the CN/Euro-6 emission standards while putting out a 132KW of power with 265Nm of torque. It will be used in the new LYNK & CO and Volvo CMA models, the 01 and XC40.


The 7DCT is Geely Auto’s world-class 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Developed to set a new standard for transmissions in the industry, the 7DCT offers fast and accurate shift response along with high efficiency. With an input torque of 330Nm, it combines the advantages of manual and automatic transmissions, low fuel consumption, and uninterrupted lightning-quick 0.3 seconds response time. Coming in at 75kg, it is even setting a new standard in weight when ordinary 6-speed automatic transmissions weigh an average of 98kg. Hybrid versions of the transmission are also available. The new transmission will be fitted together with Geely Auto’s 1.5TD and 1.8TD engines.