The solutions used in the interior design of Geely vehicle have the common name — G-Blue. One of such solutions is a new standard implying use of solely high-quality “clean” materials in the interior of Geely cars. Geely cars are equipped with innovative air cleaning systems. At present, Geely has developed and sold a variety of new energy vehicles, including methanol vehicles, PHEV, MHEV, HEV, EV, etc. Under the standard of NEDC, the EV has a range up to 550km.

Maintaining a Healthy Environment

Cutting-edge pollution monitoring and isolation systems detects air quality inside and outside of Geely Auto cars and keep pollution out of the car. On the inside, an intelligent Air Quality Management system automatically cleans the air, protecting the health of the driver and passengers.

Eco-Friendly Material

Interior and exterior materials are selected for their eco-friendliness. Paints selected are water-based, adhesives are non-volatile, and the production process is developed with the environment in mind. The choices made ensure the interior is void of odor, gases, and harmful volatile elements.

Environment Saving New Energy

To sustain the environment, Geely Auto has ultimately decided that moving away from traditional fuels is necessary. Emissions must be reduced or eliminated. In the field of new energy, Geely Auto is already ahead of the game. Geely Auto’s CHS system is the first self-developed hybrid and pure electric power system in China.

Intelligent Battery Temperature Control System

One of the major hurdles in battery technology is controlling temperature. When it’s too cold, it becomes very difficult to charge batteries. When it’s too hot, it becomes very difficult to maintain a charge. Geely Auto developed one of the first intelligent battery temperature control systems to optimize the efficiency batteries in all environments.

Lightweight for Low Emissions

Every 100kg shed reduces fuel consumption by .45L, carbon dioxide emissions by 800-1100g, and pollutants by 92g. Being lightweight is not just important for efficiency, it’s important for the environment. Geely Auto has a professional lightweight team focused purely on making every part as light as possible.