Safety First

Life is the most precious gift of all, Geely Auto’s first and foremost concern is the protection and security of life. “Safety first” lies at the heart of the Geely brand. And to show our commitment to safety we have set a goal for ourselves to make the safest car not only for our drivers and passengers but also for pedestrians. To reach that goal, we have made safety technology as one of our four main pillars for development.

Safety 360 Degrees

Due to the combination of active and passive safety technology, Geely's automobile safety zone extends to 360 degrees. Sensors and cameras detect security threats around the car and react as necessary to protect people inside and outside the car. Walkers, cyclists, and even large animals can feel safe in Geely's cars.

Carefree Driving

Geely technology allows drivers to focus on the road without distraction. LED daytime running light and led rear light can illuminate the road well under any weather conditions. Intelligent voice control system and built-in console make driving process more comfortable and safe.

Driving assistance

Thanks to the progress of high technology, computers that can respond more quickly have emerged. Geely assisted driving technology helps to overcome emergencies, avoid collisions or minimize injuries caused by accidents. In general, assisted driving can maintain a safe speed and distance between vehicles.

Passive security

In the event of an accident, earth passive safety technology helps to protect the lives of passengers. The protection is provided by improving the high-strength steel shell, the intelligent safety belt and the air bag as well as the well-designed interior design.