Finally, the developments aimed at driving assistance are called G-Pilot. Such developments include side view assist (SVA), front and rear parking sensors, the system of adaptive high beam lights which help to avoid blinding of the drivers on the oncoming lane as well as the lane keeping assistance which sends the sound signal in case of leaving the lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Intelligent adaptive cruise control (ACC) lets drivers cruise in comfort. A radar in front of the car detects vehicles ahead and automatically maintains a safe distance from them as well as matches their speed. Drivers can give their legs a break and cruise confidently at any speed.

Lane Departure Warning

When a driver’s mind wanders, sometimes their car does too. With the lane departure warning system, drivers will be alerted if they mistakenly drift from their lane, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall traffic safety.

Parking Assist System

Not everyone is the best at parking, but with the parking assist system that won’t be a problem anymore. After finding a spot, the system will direct the driver on how to park. Even with narrow spots or parking at night, the system will accurately assist drivers with guidance into their desired spot.

Blind Spot Detection

Never worry about a car in your blind spot again. With the blind spot detection system you will always know if someone is there. An alert will be sounded whenever a car enters that zone.

Adaptive High Beams

Blinding an oncoming car with high-beams is not only impolite, it’s also dangerous. Intelligent Adaptive High Beams on Geely cars automatically turn off high beams when sensors detect an oncoming car. After passing, the system will automatically turn the high beams back on.

Crash Detection and Avoidance

When it comes to quick reactions, computers are now faster than people. In the event of a potential accident, quick reflexes are quite often the deciding factor between life and death. With the Crash Detection and Avoidance system, a highly-sensitive sensor in the car’s bumper detects sudden braking or stopped vehicles in front and reminds the driver to brake. If they cannot react in time, the system automatically brakes for them. Through the quick reaction of the system, drivers can avoid collisions or, in unavoidable cases, at least reduce injuries.